The Real Fairytale

Once upon a time lived a girl in a tower

With no doors and one window at the top

Golden strands of hair she had not but curly black hair like wool

She lay in mental darkness and confusion of God’s will.

Once upon a time lived a girl in a forest

But misled by the world she fell into a deep sleep

Sentenced to a prison of nightmares she fought for her soul,

Taunted by a fallen king.

Once upon a time lived a maiden of light

Whose radiance was the fairest in the land.

Lured by the scandelon she ate the fruit of the world

And was caged in chains of spiritual darkness.

Once upon a time lived princess that was anxious to explore.

She left home and wandered into a land of lost,

Voices and lost hopes so she lost sight of her dreams.

So she walked into a world where she could never be free.

Once upon a time lived a fighter who saw

The world was full of beauty, purpose and love.

The wind from the creator blew on her strength

And the heavens opened and her fears were conquered.

Once upon a time was one so weary,

Working excessively hard but with a heart locked and heavy,

Then the lamb made the sacrifice that supplied the key

And the blood of Jesus pumped through her fiercely.

Once upon a time

With closed eyes we sat in rooms that were flooding,

Trying to scream with voices lost to vigorous waves.

One name sailed into the ocean and cast his life down

Introducing us to a light of sanctification

And our happily ever after was found.




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