Saved or Enslaved? That is the question. 

“For whatever overcomes a person to that he is enslaved” 2 Peter 2:19

Since this is true, take a moment to analyse what overcomes you, overwhelms you and takes control of your life. Often times I hear people utter statements that begin with “it wasn’t my fault ” or “I don’t know what came over me” followed by a confession to a past sin. I admit that I myself have been guilty of such. That being said, there is something very important people need to understand that took me a while to grasp and that is the concept of freedom. If you really are a slave to whatever masters you and you claim to be free then it is contradicting to make a habit of saying “I couldn’t control my {insert fleshly desire}”. The word of God says that believing in the sacrifice made on the Cross and living by the Spirit not the sinful nature makes us free and not “controlled by the sinful nature (Romans 8:9& 15). Therefore, why do we allow ourselves to be comfortable when the chains of captivity try to bind us even though God has already given us freedom ? Analyse your everyday life. What are the things you do and say? Why do you do them? Is it because you want to or is it almost on impulse? Are these things pleasing to God? If not , why do you do them? I had to do this to understand that only after analysing my character could I truly learn to live by the Spirit of God and I’m still learning everyday. If we are in Christ, we cannot allow ourselves to be slaves to the desires of the flesh because God has ALREADY given us freedom. Sometimes it seems hard to resist doing things that our bodies want to do but when your heart has been changed, Jesus Christ has control but we are the ones who have to commit daily for him to take the wheel. 
“SUBMIT yourselves then to God. RESIST the devil and he will flee from you ” James 4: 7-8 

It seems like you’re struggling now but thank God for grace that changes, motivates and sustains us. In order to live in the abundance of God, you need to know that you are and have the ability to be FREE. We were all born slaves but thank God for Jesus Christ who paid for our lives and set us free through God’s love and grace. Not only that, we were given the Holy Spirit so that we never have to be slaves again. 

For those who are struggling I hope Romans 7 and 8 and 1 John 1:5-10 bless you…

To be continued on the next TinuksTalks 


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