Radical Conversions- YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS


If you haven’t already noticed, I love testimonies. I love hearing people testify about what God has done in their lives in any way and I particularly love this one. Roman Gutierrez had many issues; drugs, violence, his home but he realised that the main issue was his heart. Christ does not merely deal with the physical aspects of our lives but performs a circumcision of the heart (Romans 2: 29) which hosts the Spirit. Physical circumcision in the bible was done to make a covenant with God in the flesh as Abraham did in Genesis 17:9-14. This is nothing compared to a circumcision of the heart which is a permanent transformation of the heart that involves a change by the Spirit. The importance of faith is emphasised so much in the scripture as it is the beginning of a circumcision of the heart. Abraham received the promises of God because of the decision he made in his heart to obey God. Similarly, we have to decide in our hearts to love God and ask him to fill us with faith in his promises before there is a physical manifestation in our lives. Roman spent years of his life in bondage because of the pain inflicted on his life, but we thank God for the fact that there is no heart that cannot be circumcised because God’s love is more powerful than any and every chain that binds us in captivity. I hope you’re inspired by this and have a revelation that it is not church attendance or the sinner’s prayer that saved but change in your life doesn’t start until you call out for that divine transformation to take place as a result of inviting Jesus Christ to live in you. Only then can we really understand the true meaning of life, that we are born to serve as Roman experienced trials to be able to share the glory and wonder of God.

Yahweh is his name: CALL unto me, and I WILL ANSWER you and I will you the great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:2-3

The great ‘I AM‘ knows all your needs, your heart’s desires and even those things you don’t understand that will help you get through the trials of life with a transcendent peace. Just call with a heart of repentance, trusting that his timeless and sufficient nature will provide enough love and power to install in you a new heart and mind and start a path of supernatural transformation that will one day be brought into completion as we are glorified with our Saviour in our heaven our home. ❤



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