Storing Your Mind Along The Straight Road 

You can never really get lost when you’re walking on a straight road.

I know this scripture had to do with money when Jesus said it but when I read it, I just think of how our hearts function. It says “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven ” (NIV) so we are meant to actively decide to put our treasures in heaven and that decision is made first with the mind. Your mind must first be fixed on heaven for you to actively and intentionally give things that you consider valuable to heaven. It got me thinking of what I classify as my treasures. Other than transient things like money, there are other treasures. I was listening to a song while working back home called More by Lawrence Flowers and Intercession and he said 3 things he was going to give more of to God. More of his mind, Spirit and Time. For him to see these as things to give to God they must be pretty valuable. Recently I’ve been studying a lot on guarding my mind and heart and in the process I have realised that the heart really follows the thoughts of the mind. I always thought the heart leads and the mind follows but it turns out that the mind leads and the heart follows. The mind is what you use to decide to give your live to Christ. You make the conscious decision to free your Spirit and God frees you and begins the transformation of both your mind and heart.
When your Spirit is stored on earth or in bondage due to earthly desires, it can be destroyed in hell. When your mind is fixed on earthly desires and your time is invested in the things of this world, you share the same fait. So let’s think about how life would be if these three precious treasures were stored in heaven, the Spirit would be free through Jesus Christ, the mind would be focused on heaven (2 Corinthians 4:18) and our time would be invested in things that are true, noble, right , pure, lovely , admirable and praiseworthy (Phillippians 4:8). All this starts with storing your mind in heaven and that is done through salvation and waging war against the flesh with the Word of God.
“Narrow is the road that leads to life” but you can’t really get lost off this path if you’re running straight. If the path to heaven is straight, all we need to do is let our minds focus on this path and let our hearts follow. In order for the mind to focus on the way that is right, we need to renew it with the love of God, unlearning everything worldly and learning the things of God by becoming like children (Matthew 18:3). We must “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And we (should be) ready to punish every act of disobedience”. We must fix our eyes on these good things and God is good so our hope whilst on this path are in the promises that he has made to be fulfilled on earth and in heaven when we are glorified. As we remove these imaginations, thoughts and decisions that come against the will of God, we begin to add on more of these things that are pure and our hearts are guarded by peace and joy that accompany these things. As we store our minds in heaven to be submerged in grace and serenaded by the Holy Spirit, we will begin to see transformation as our hearts become more of a home to host the Spirit of Jesus and we experience the blessings of this Spirit.

God is indeed good.



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