Love in the Struggle 

I’m so human that I hate to admit I struggle with anything. Some things other Christians struggle with are a breeze for me but the things I think to say and my imagination force me to ask God to renew my mind every single day (which is a good thing). I don’t know why but I day dream and form situations in my head and a lot of this situations build anxiety in my mind. I remember things that I’m ashamed of and have to keep going back to the Word to fill my mind with truth. There are so many things that I’ve been delivered from because I have my life to Christ. I’ve been delivered from bitterness and anger. I’ve been delivered from lustful dreams, something that beat me down so much when I was unsaved that I couldn’t share with anyone. I’ve had so many victories because of Jesus and because of that I thought that those victories pulled me closer to God. If we don’t earn our way to God because he is good and gracious then our victories are not what push us to God. That also means that our falls don’t make us far from God. Now, I don’t mean falling as in diliberately sinning because you know God is a forgiving God. I mean the struggle with those things that we have to keep asking God to grab a hold of because we keep slipping. Nothing can deprecate us from the love of God so everytime you feel far because you’re struggling, just remember that blood wasn’t shed so that it won’t be hard anymore, it was shed so that through the difficulties the love of God is more prominent than anything else and gives you access to grace that you can only get right in God’s precense. 

Moses was far from home and felt like such an alien that the name he gave his son had to do with the fact that he was in a land that was different. Regardless of the fact that he felt far from home and guilty, God came through and called this wretched mad into his precense to observe that he wasn’t far from him. 

“I have certainly seen the oppression of my people in Egypt. I have heard their cries of distress because of their harsh slave drivers” 

He sees us and better yet , he loves us. So much so that his son came to die to release us from bondage. Like I do sometimes, you try and tell yourself that it’s all good and that you’re not struggling as much but let’s do something today. Let’s be real with God. Let’s be honest with Him about our struggles and let’s hand it to him. Overwhelming victory is ours and that’s the kind of victory that even if the struggle persists and we continuously have to keep handing it over to God, that’s okay because we rely on his grace even more and let his overpowering love abide in every area of our lives. 

Write a letter to God and just be real. What are your struggles? Why don’t you want to admit it. Ask God for a deeper revelation of his width-less love and to help you drown in oceans of grace 



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