Hey guys! I recently performed an event called Roots organised by the coalition for youth development and it was incredible. The whole event was organised to embrace Nigerian culture and empower the youth particularly artists. You can follow them @cyouthD on twitter or instagram. 

My performance was merely a glimpse of my experience growing up in Nigeria and how Christ has shaped my perspective of strength. I scratched it up on a Wednesday night for Saturday evening lol so I wasn’t that prepared but hey. Nigerians are known for their strength and it’s beautiful but we all for victims of trying to adhere so hard to a beauty box that we fail to submit to God to shape us. That’s the gist of this spoken word. Hope you love it and I’ll get an upload of the Beauty Beyond Mirrors talk I did a few weeks ago as soon as I can xxx



It’s been a minute! Life has been in the way but hey, even if I’m not making much right now I need to inform you about my friend who is doing bits for God with her new YouTube page. Check out this new short movie / poem. I know you’ll enjoy it xxx. Follow her on twitter and insta @mitchthepoet 

12 Promises- 2017!

2017 IS HERE! There have been so many promises but we’re holding on to them and pressing forward to all the great new things starting with a new theme called ‘ART BY ELOHIM’! This video is just a glimpse of all the amazing things to come! I know you’ll enjoy! last year was just the foundation. Watch out because God has promised MORE!

12 Promises from 2016- DAY 11


It’s the last day of the year and we thank God regardless of however it’s been, we have his words to hold on to. God has given me a lot of vision for 2017 and even though my hands will do the great things, I cannot forget that he is the foundation of it all in the first place. You’re building something so ” do not despise these small beginnings” Zechariah 4:10.Even if the beginning is difficult, challenging, painful, love every second of it because Abba is using it to build you. This testimony takes me back to my beginning and things have never been the same from then. Happy new year everyone. I can’t wait for all that’s in stall.

12 Promises From 2016- Day 9 

“Being confident of this, he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion till the day of Christ Jesus. ” Philippians 1:6 

DAY 9 – HOPE ! 

I have held on to this verse so much this year whether it be in times I was struggling with uni or times salvation was getting to hard for me. God is the author and finisher of our faith meaning that whatever he starts, he finishes and he does it with a bang. This is a throwback to a poem I posted earlier but still find so relevant because it reminds me that regardless of the struggle with sin, God has given us a divine ability through his grace to fight this battle victoriously to the finish. 2017 is another year to fight battles but remember HOPE is in Christ Jesus who always finishes with a bang ! 


Hey Guys!

It is day 6 well night 6 (excuse my lateness) and i’m switching it up with a poem that I wrote recently! The promises is Everlasting love and countless times God has assured me with Romans 8 that nothing can separate me from his love. Lately God has been dealing with my purity and taking away from the mindset i had in past relationships or situationships to a place where my heart is fully sunk into his love.

I hope you love it like I do!

Here’s runaway bride

A Desiring God

We’re back with some poetry! WHHOOOOPP! This Spoken Word poem was written in the summer when I had a few days where I felt a bit far from God because I was finding it hard to accept that he was helping me move forward from the life I left in the world. What I find that I struggled with was not my desires but realising the fact that I had to be honest not only with God but with myself about who I was in the world and who I am now- someone who is thriving to be Christ like. We can’t change who we were but we can choose to move forward in grace and be children of God because that offer never leaves the table until our last breaths. I hope you guys enjoy this piece. DO NOT hesitate to give me your thoughts and be open. I’m not here to judge anyone but to be a light and help you be a light too.

feel free to comment, like, share and dm!
Love Tinuksxx

To Be Honest

Why can’t I not go one day without someone telling me the criteria required for me to be me Reality check please excuse my French I know you do not believe in a creator but may I remind you that you did not make me? 

No I do not wear tight clothing or show off the curves in my physique  in ways that will entice the opposite sex 

And it’s not because I endulge rape culture in fact I think it’s disgusting but because I’m more concerned about how holy I can be than whether the outfit I wear is worthy of being aired on E. 

No I do not want to ‘kick it ‘ with you as i am not entertained by your hedonistic ideologies of masculinity that you think I ‘don’t understand’ because I’m too salty.  

Yes I am called to love you but there’s going to have to be some distance between us because your promiscuity is suffocating me and my oxygen is offended by the fact that you think your lying words carved by the enemy and your so called soft touches would make me feel loved 

as a matter of fact I already have a God who loves all of me so I am not moved by your inconsistent presence that can never spark transformation in me. 

No dear human I do not need you to make me feel ‘whole’. 

You do not set my standards for me so how much I cook or how loud I speak or my ambition are not cultivated by your desire for me 

I was born with a brain you see, stored up with guidelines to the heaven I’m trying to reach,my likes, dislikes and the will for my life so you better backup with your scrub-like attitude if you refuse to acknowledge that I was actually made fearfully and wonderfully. 

Yes I know you think i should embrace my beauty but please enlighten me on how much you embrace me since you attach my beauty to my body and tag me with definitions that do not go past “chocolate milk caramel princess glazed with honey’, 

To all the men and women that are just waiting to stack us on the shelves did it ever occur to you that

I don’t think when I look in the mirror I am meant to feel hungry so please don’t limit the precision used to create my being to edible substances you pick up and throw away based on your instinct. 

I get it.

 My hair is nice and puffy but i wear it this way because I feel like it and this is how it grows naturally  not as a statement or out of insecurity. 

Because I am a Christian woman and we live in a so called ‘diverse’ , ‘tolerant’ society that loathes Christianity does not mean that I don’t have a personality. 

I am individually made with a smile that was meant to stir up your faith but forgive me when I find it hard to smile at you when I tell you I’m not interested and you hit on me 

Or when you try to fool me to believe that being a woman can only happen by “embracing my sexuality ” because half naked is the new black I guess why the streets are experiencing a domino effect of darkness. 

It’s easy to form your opinions about people you don’t bother to know and be the first to scream out ‘don’t judge me’ 

No I don’t know your story but I’m willing to listen if you would just let me and stop trying to confine me. 

Don’t tell me that because I wear heels with skinny jeans or that my life makes me sound crazy that you don’t see the Christ in me.

I already know there are things I shouldn’t say but I can be open and honest so far it’s enveloped with grace 

and with that said to the man on the left who seemed to miss the street of straight please wrap your religion in a parcel because I rebuke it in Jesus name 

As your compassion didn’t stretch so far when you didn’t consider that I girl like me is just trying unlearn what she was told to be and embrace that God’s love is free

Without question , condition or a blueprint on who to be because there is no wrong in me that lives life solemnly to show his glory 

So no lady I’m tired  of being told I have to be ‘strong and independent’ because I am not an island but  part of a Holy nation governed by the most high King and he has appointed a family full of love and faith to teach me to walk in boldness until I reach the full end of me 

Even though I’ll never be good for your jacked up society at least I know I have a God who will never leave me nor forsake me and I am free to live as I was truly chosen to be 

Joyful. Humble and Holy. 

So next time you want to tell me who I am meant to be 

Check with my creator to give you a sense of clarity. 

Thanks ✌🏿️

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