Hey guys! I recently performed an event called Roots organised by the coalition for youth development and it was incredible. The whole event was organised to embrace Nigerian culture and empower the youth particularly artists. You can follow them @cyouthD on twitter or instagram. 

My performance was merely a glimpse of my experience growing up in Nigeria and how Christ has shaped my perspective of strength. I scratched it up on a Wednesday night for Saturday evening lol so I wasn’t that prepared but hey. Nigerians are known for their strength and it’s beautiful but we all for victims of trying to adhere so hard to a beauty box that we fail to submit to God to shape us. That’s the gist of this spoken word. Hope you love it and I’ll get an upload of the Beauty Beyond Mirrors talk I did a few weeks ago as soon as I can xxx



It’s been a minute! Life has been in the way but hey, even if I’m not making much right now I need to inform you about my friend who is doing bits for God with her new YouTube page. Check out this new short movie / poem. I know you’ll enjoy it xxx. Follow her on twitter and insta @mitchthepoet 

Note To Self- In Security

My plan for this year was to take everything by storm but I would be lying if I didn’t sy that this year really jumped out at me in a way that I never expected it to. They say God never gives you more than you can handle but in the past month I’ve learnt that God loves to pour onto us a lot more than our human bodies, minds and hearts can bare so that we can lean on his Spirit that is our crutch. I have had to deal with life threatening situations in my family, added responsibilities, the work load of a medical student and internal battles of confronting the past in order to move on to my future. It doesn’t sound like a lot and I wouldn’t go into detail because I have nothing to prove but I will tell you that it is more than I can handle. I’ve been waiting to get out of this phase of feeling like I’ve been more or less struggling and have been waiting for life to go back to being less imperfect than it is but I had a conviction. It’s so easy for us to write and encourage people when everything is rosy and sweet but what about in the times when you have gone through periods of crying yourself to sleep and you’re only slowly starting to heal but still possessing symptoms of brokenness?  Even though I am mentally exhausted from overthinking about God’s will for my life, physically exhausted in trying to be in more than one place at a time and emotionally exhausted from carrying weights of condemnation from mistakes I made before I was a teenager and second-guessing who I am , my Spirit is still willing to keep going because I may once in a while find it hard to be assured in who I am, but I know that my hope is stemmed from who I belong to.

I’ve been reading Zechariah discontinuously for about two months now and for some reason I felt like writing a letter to myself based on all I learnt about who I am and who I belong to.

Dear Self,

Once again you find yourself in a place where you see yourself no better than the Israelites who always seemed to reject God. You also did that in the way you lived. You rejected God when you entertained lustful desires when you were a young child and lived in denial all your life. You rejected God in your insecurity as you lived in fear of past, future and present so always occupied your mind with distractions to keep you from seeing that your life was not free. You rejected God in your frustration at life and yourself every time you did something wrong and covered it with sand because you thought it was too perfect to be seen. When you degraded his temple with your unholy activities, when you let worry become your idol, when you doubted the significance of his people in your life, in all these occasions, you rejected God and he knows that you did. Note to self, God is not angry at you. Once you were broken away from his favour and union but never forget that he is with you. You are more than forgiven, you have been snatched out of fire and redeemed like an exile that has been called home to live as a king. You are special to God and he is building you up according to his standards of righteousness. It may seem hard but keep building. He has given you the desire and will to do what pleases him and every time you feel your desires are being changes, call him and he will help you. Be strong! That means that even in your weakest moments, rely on the Spirit of the Lord because from there stems peace and prosperity. Be patient and wait for God to send rain when your life looks a bit dry and things don’t seem to be growing. Allow him to change you. Don’t be afraid to be honest with God about your past or present because he already knows, he just needs you to let him in. Don’t be afraid of construction. You’re a work in progress. Sometimes the process seems long and hard but in every area that God is building you, he is making you unshakeable. Trust in the security of his promises and that your salvation is being worked out. God is getting rid of those weights that make you cry yourself to sleep sometimes and make you feel weak in prayer and he is building strength in you. You are not alone. I know people have disappointed you but there are people who care about you. Cry, call, talk and be okay not being okay. Be real with yourself and others. Stop faking your smile and just pray to God or ask to be prayed for. Stop living in denial. Confront the past, let God invade the present and focus your eyes on his love to guide you to the future. You can only be you and the you God made is not rejected, torn down or distraught. She is a loud laughing, joyful singing, strong fighting broken spirit who through the power of God is still strong in weakness. Trust in the Lord with all your heart because he is not and never will be done with you.

Love Tinuksx

Every time I hear this song, it reminds me that regardless of where i’m at and how I feel, who I am is not defined by my position in life but the direction of my worship. He has called us his own. I hope someone is encouraged.

12 Promises- 2017!

2017 IS HERE! There have been so many promises but we’re holding on to them and pressing forward to all the great new things starting with a new theme called ‘ART BY ELOHIM’! This video is just a glimpse of all the amazing things to come! I know you’ll enjoy! last year was just the foundation. Watch out because God has promised MORE!


One thing my mum would tease me about is my love for friends fearing that I might be a little too naïve; this would mostly be from her years of experience. And while I don’t take lightly what she warns I have also learnt that you don’t let people and bad experiences change the core […]




We are adopted into his family and we can call him father. I hope you love this song and poem because they spoke powerfully to me and took me to a place of worship!

Good Good Father – sung by Faith Tarilla Odede , website:

Abba Father by Comfort Fajimi , website:

Love in the Struggle 

I’m so human that I hate to admit I struggle with anything. Some things other Christians struggle with are a breeze for me but the things I think to say and my imagination force me to ask God to renew my mind every single day (which is a good thing). I don’t know why but I day dream and form situations in my head and a lot of this situations build anxiety in my mind. I remember things that I’m ashamed of and have to keep going back to the Word to fill my mind with truth. There are so many things that I’ve been delivered from because I have my life to Christ. I’ve been delivered from bitterness and anger. I’ve been delivered from lustful dreams, something that beat me down so much when I was unsaved that I couldn’t share with anyone. I’ve had so many victories because of Jesus and because of that I thought that those victories pulled me closer to God. If we don’t earn our way to God because he is good and gracious then our victories are not what push us to God. That also means that our falls don’t make us far from God. Now, I don’t mean falling as in diliberately sinning because you know God is a forgiving God. I mean the struggle with those things that we have to keep asking God to grab a hold of because we keep slipping. Nothing can deprecate us from the love of God so everytime you feel far because you’re struggling, just remember that blood wasn’t shed so that it won’t be hard anymore, it was shed so that through the difficulties the love of God is more prominent than anything else and gives you access to grace that you can only get right in God’s precense. 

Moses was far from home and felt like such an alien that the name he gave his son had to do with the fact that he was in a land that was different. Regardless of the fact that he felt far from home and guilty, God came through and called this wretched mad into his precense to observe that he wasn’t far from him. 

“I have certainly seen the oppression of my people in Egypt. I have heard their cries of distress because of their harsh slave drivers” 

He sees us and better yet , he loves us. So much so that his son came to die to release us from bondage. Like I do sometimes, you try and tell yourself that it’s all good and that you’re not struggling as much but let’s do something today. Let’s be real with God. Let’s be honest with Him about our struggles and let’s hand it to him. Overwhelming victory is ours and that’s the kind of victory that even if the struggle persists and we continuously have to keep handing it over to God, that’s okay because we rely on his grace even more and let his overpowering love abide in every area of our lives. 

Write a letter to God and just be real. What are your struggles? Why don’t you want to admit it. Ask God for a deeper revelation of his width-less love and to help you drown in oceans of grace