Something More Than Passion

I like to think of myself as highly extroverted although some might say using the word ‘highly’ is an over-exaggeration. Nevertheless, the point I am trying to make is that I thoroughly enjoy being around people and not only that, but I derive a lot of my energy from my external environment. Some might even say I am PASSIONATE.
I always use that word to describe myself because it is synonymous with a character of impact and ambition. However, what happens when your passion is just not enough? What happens when the people around you feel draining or you begin to feed into the whispers of loneliness? This is not an extrovert problem. This is life!
There will be times where self-generated passion is just not enough and the place where excitement once resided becomes filled with complacency, discouragement and even anger towards people especially after trying seasons. I found myself in that place recently where ‘passion’ could not overcome my frustration. My frustration about my flaws crowded my mind. My insecurities and past disappointment from relationships with people had affected my perspective of life and my thoughts of people. I didn’t realise that my passion for people, for change and even for Jesus was tainted. I had forgotten how to love.
1 Corinthians 13 talks about love in length but the verse that gripped me the most was verse seven:
“Love bears all things [regardless of what comes], believes all things [looking for the best in each one], hopes all things [remaining stead fact in difficult times], endures all things [without weakening]” AMP
From reading this, I realised that passion is an engine that needs continuous fuelling and in the case of life, that fuel is love, and if God is love, ultimately that fuel is God. It is so easy to get frustrated in life such that your trust issues of the past resurface, you find it hard to see the best in people or you don’t have the patience to carry on. All of a sudden, what was once passion is darkened by criticism, discouragement and worry? I have been there. What we need is not a dose but a good drench in God’s untainted, never ending love to direct our passion and restore us to purpose- to be children of God.
I think David could school us all in this. He said the only thing he asked or sought were to dwell in Gods house, behold God’s beauty, inquire of Him and meditate in His temple (Psalm 27:4). All these things can be summarised in just drawing close to Jesus and experiencing his unfailing and sustaining love that covers the multitude of sin, casts out fear and fuels our passion for life. Maybe what we don’t need is an inspirational talk, a sign from heaven or a tub of ice cream. Maybe we just need to bask in a love that draws us close to our creator and transform us to be more like Him so that an all-consuming, never ending fire burns in us and this fire is sustained by a never ending love not a self-generated one. This means we need to invite the Holy Spirit to baptise us in His fire that we learn to love and be loved because “nothing self-generated is sustainable”. I am human. I get tired sometimes and like everyone else, I need the Spirit to burn away anger in me, burn false humility, burn fear of disappointment and ignite faith, hope and most of all, L O V E. this love is patient enough to walk with someone in need, does not keep record of wrongs so can forgive continuously and does not rely on passion but instead fuels passion to be all about Jesus- the one who loves overwhelmingly and consistently.
I am trying to follow in David’s footsteps in this and everyday I come again to lay down all my perspectives and hype to just be still and know that this insane love is mine to enjoy and share. Joy starts to burn away all my insecurities and I remember that I am a light ready to take position and shine on everyone that doesn’t know the power of the love of God as I simultaneously take the position of a warrior and a daughter of God. I suggest everyone else do the same.



Embracing Autumn Rains


Better late than never right?  I have said this a million times but i had such a great time talking about the word of God on . What they are doing is incredible and it’s crazy how we underestimate the seeds that God plants through the little things he gives us to do. I even gave my little sister some of the magazines and she really liked them so if you’re leading a young  one to Christ or you just want some wisdom, do not hesitate to check out the website and follow them on the following

Insta: @godlyyouths1

FB:  that’s the link to the write up where God spoke immensely to me do CHECK IT OUT!


More and more to come!

Here’s the write up from the website-

Conquering Insecurity Through A Revelation Of The Holy Spirit

I am medical student and we have these workshops every Friday called communication skills and we have to speak to volunteer patients then reflect on how we did. The Doctor who runs the workshops always starts with the statement ‘positives first’ because he knows that as medical students or realistically as people, we always talk about our flaws before what we did right. I had a very interesting revelation from God while reading Joel and Acts about the flourishing fire that we have as Christians that should mute every voice in our heads that tries to tell us that our flaws and all we think are wrong with us are the same things God sees when he looks at us.

In Joel 1, the people of Israel have once again sinned against God and God speaks through the prophet Joel initially about the judgement he will bring on the people with a swarm of locusts.

I know what you’re thinking “not another word on doom, gloom and destruction” but the message I caught from this word was far from that. The chapter talks about drought, famine and despair arising from this judgement but a hushed whisper spoke to me that the season of despair is the feeling of life with an absence of the Holy Spirit. This revelation drove me to my knees because every so often we underestimate not only the power but the personality of the Holy Spirit and how that is the exact personality of God living in us. The only images I had in my head when I thought of locusts were pests eating away at everything good. It sounds a lot like sin right?

Sin keeps us from having living water that is the Holy Spirit.

Sin keeps us ashamed, keeps us condemned and the sin that comes from lack of security in Christ IN US is one reason why a lot of people in this world lack true joy, peace and love. They miss the countenance that is obvious in someone who is in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit and perhaps that is why a lot of people can look at themselves with dissatisfaction and condemnation. They don’t see God in themselves.

Psychology is one modules I have to study that I secretly enjoy because the nature of human beings fascinates me. In Acts 1, Jesus taught the disciples about the kingdom of God (this is after He resurrected) but it was time for him to go back to heaven and he told His people to wait for the Holy Spirit which he promised. As he was going back into heaven the people were looking intently into the sky until two men came and said something powerful;

“why do you stand here looking into the sky? this same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven”

Acts 1:11 NIV

Isn’t it weird how people spend so much time looking for things that are already coming or already there. It reminds me of a day I searched high and low for my slippers just to realise that they were on my feet. As silly as it may seem, it humoured me because it reminded me of every time I ever asked God for what He had already given me. Maybe today you are someone who is contending for the Holy Spirit. I want you to step out of yourself and observe your everyday life. Do you live with an Acts 2 revelation where the Holy Spirit came down and never went back again or are you still looking intently at God going away into the sky? Do you look in the mirror and you find it hard to see Jesus or maybe that’s how you look at your circumstances? It’s time to stop looking at your flesh and start looking for God’s Spirit in you.

The reason is in Joel 2 because in that time of famine, God made a well needed promise that meant more than the people understood. God promised rain! It wasn’t just any rain but He promised autumn rain which is translated in Hebrew for a teacher. In Psalm 84:6 David says about those who put their strength in the Lord, “as they pass through the Valleys of weeping, they make it a place of spring; the autumn rains also cover it with blessings”.Wow! This rain is a gift of grace given to us to teach us to walk like Christ not to dwell on fear or worry of insufficiency.

Joel 2:23-24 says; For the rain he sends demonstrates his faithfulness. Once more the autumn rains will come,     as well as the rains of spring. 24 The threshing floors will again be piled high with grain,  and the presses will overflow with new wine and olive oil.

New wine is what he has poured into us. New seeds of faith and glory is what he has planted in us and guess what? Its OVERFLOWING. You may look at yourself and see how much the world has told you you’re unable to do or you may hear those voices in your head telling you that there’s something missing in you but let me tell you this. God is wholeness so the moment you have the Holy Spirit in you, you are already made complete and there is nothing that can ever keep you from thriving and stepping into a place of spring except YOU. Just imagine walking through a dark place in your life and all of a sudden, flowers begin to grow, trees spring up, the sun starts shining and the Holy Spirit pours uncontrollably to bless you, build you and help you live in grace.

What we all need to ask ourselves daily is “are we going to constrain ourselves with insecurity, self-condemnation and fear or are we going to dare to step out into droughts not because of ‘self-confidence’ but that ‘God-fidence’ that comes from the revelation that the Holy Spirit lives in us and that God’s promise to pour out his spirit on all people (Joel 2:28) was not empty but one that brought something new into this world. That new Spirit is with us and continuously doing a new thing in us. Look in the mirror and see the fire that the Lord has baptised you with! Regardless of how small you see yourself as or not as clever, a bit too talkative or perhaps you’re one who can’t seem to look past your past sins, listen, FORGET THE FORMER THINGS (Isaiah 43:18)! Do you know why? When God looks at us, all He sees are our hearts and the Spirit inside it that He gave us to pray, praise and love enough to open these same hearts to pour out and water the seeds He has been planting so they can grow.

Stop holding back the fire in you and let it pour out of you like rain because the more you let Him flow out, the more he will come in to sow, fix and bless exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything you can imagine until this amazing work that is your salvation is brought to completion through our faithful Saviour Christ Jesus.

Can I get an Amen?

Love Tinuksx

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